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Customized Glue for Adhesive Excellence

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Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo Lamination Glue

Specialized adhesives for bonding and shaping bamboo layers to create sustainable furniture with the natural aesthetic and robust durability of bamboo.

Glue Specifications

  Bamboo Lamination

Glue Type


Urea Formaldehyde-based

Formaldehyde Emissions

  • US CARB1 : NAF2 Compliant
  • European Standard : E1 [EN120, EN717-2]
  • ISO3 : E1 [ISO 12460]
  • JAS4 : F**

Moisture Resistance

  • European Standard : D3 [EN 204]
  • JAS4 : Type II
  • JAS4 : Type II

1 US CARB –  United States California Air Resources Board
2 NAF – No-added Formaldehyde
3 ISO – International Organisation for Standardisation
4 JAS – Japanese Agricultural Standard

All S.A. Products Belong to the Woodiglu Brand.

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